The 2023 State of
Sales Content

A lot of content but not enough impact.
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State of Sales Content

Organizations spend countless hours producing content: slide decks, one-pagers, competitive battlecards, case studies, templates, and much more. In fact, according to Forrester, the average sales rep has 1400 pieces of content to choose from at their organization.
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What can organizations do to ensure the effort put into creating content translates into value during customer conversations?
We took a look:
Interactions with content per rep per week


in 2021


in 2022

That’s a 2x+ increase in content utilization since our 2022 report.


Upward trend in content usage

Take action to increase the quality and engagement of your best content

  • Be patient. It can take time for sellers to get used to the content tools and resources at their disposal. But over time and with the right incentives, you should see improvement.

  • Consider leveraging digital sales rooms, not just as a driver of customer engagement, but as a driver of adoption and content use internally

  • Use your content analytics to identify sellers who are utilizing content the most and least often. Seek insights from both groups to drive targeted adoption efforts.

  • Explore increasing your overall investment and prioritization of content development and management in response to increases in utilization and ROI.
Content can take many forms.
Consider what types of content you might be overlooking in your content strategy.
One noteworthy shift from last year’s data is an increase in the frequency of geo- and language-related attribute categories. This aligns with an overall trend toward the importance of localization in content.
We compared the top 10% of sales organizations in terms of overall engagement to the rest of the field. Our insights can help you increase the quality of your content.

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