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What's included in the SKO-in-a-Box?

Mindtickle’s SKO-in-a-Box is your ultimate guide for an engaging and effective sales kickoff.
What you’ll get:

Hybrid Sales Kickoff Playbook

Everything you need to know to produce an engaging, effective event

Virtual Sales Kickoff Checklist

Highlights what you’ll need to check off before, during, and after your event

Virtual Kickoff Use Case Guide

Explore how Mindtickle uses Mindtickle to execute high-impact SKOs

Mobile Use
Case Guide

Learn how attendees can get fingertip access to everything they need before, during, and after the SKO

The Framework for a Highly Effective Hybrid Sales Kickoff

Hear from Mindtickle experts on how to build your best SKO yet

Expedition to Everest

See how to build a gamified, engaging experience for your SKO in Mindtickle

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